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Accounting Professionals is a collaborative, innovative and energetic firm in Shellharbour City Centre, located in the Illawarra. Our point of difference is our preparedness to examine our clients’ businesses, understand how they work, identify how they can be improved and to partner with them during the change and implementation process. The overriding focus of our firm is to assist our clients implement sound organisational infrastructure, robust financial management frameworks and ultimately to be more successful.

Most people accept that they need an accountant for taxation and keeping their books up to date. Accounting Professionals is more than just accountants. We believe in becoming an integral part of our clients business and personal strategies.

Our professional and highly trained staff are dedicated to providing specialised services to conquer any challenges in pursuit of financial independence. We help our clients proactively manage assets and liabilities, critically examine the way they do business, focus on key success factors and help effect change within the business to facilitate growth, increase profitability and improve cashflow.

Our firm has the ability & resources to provide ongoing services to businesses and business owners. We have been operating for 15 years and have built a reputation on the basis of a long term commitment to the success of our business clients.


Our goal is to ensure our clients perceive us as their primary business advisors and value us as their business partners and advisory consultants. The resources we use include highly educated and well-trained accountants and business consultants working with clients as part of their management team.

Professional development, training, exemplary standards of service and professional ethics ensure our firm’s expertise remains at the highest level.


Our firm continues to be actively involved in numerous local business & community groups, including: –

Through our experience in conducting various business improvement workshops and training sessions we have access to a vast array of specialist business service providers that are capable of complementing our services, including business law specialists and human resource service providers.

Client Testimonial

A big thank you for the hard work with my tax returns. I appreciate the hours it must take.


Nicola Makeham


Making big profits in small markets

May 24, 2016

Even though most businesses want everyone to be their customer, this is not necessarily the right approach to making a profit. Instead, it is often best to think small in order to get big. To maximise your sales and profits, businesses should start narrowing their market to get a niche.

Focusing in on a small sub-set of all potential customers seems dangerous. Why limit the pool of customers when it might already be small? But having a well-defined, narrow target market – a niche – gives a small business many advantages.

Choosing a niche means finding something that immediately distinguishes you from your competitors. Having a niche immediately sets you apart from the mass of competitors; gives you a clear focus for your marketing and advertising efforts; gives you additional credibility when you’re trying to make a sale; makes you more memorable and often enables you to charge higher prices.

So how do you choose a niche? Keep in mind that a niche must be based on objective factors – things that customers can quickly perceive. Consider the following:

Demographic group
Selecting a specific demographic group gives you an edge in attracting a certain segment of customers. They feel welcome doing business with you. Over time, you develop specialised knowledge of that market, giving you an even greater competitive advantage.

Type of work
Another way to select a niche is to focus in on a specific aspect of the work you do. Focusing in on what your business does gives focus to your marketing efforts and can even make owners more competitive in securing customers.

Choosing a specific style of service or product is another way to develop a niche. A restaurant could serve only organic food, a furniture store sell only all-wood furniture, a car wash only wash cars by hand. These styles all narrow your potential market but improve your competitiveness with the customers who value your style of business.

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