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Accounting Professionals is a collaborative, innovative and energetic firm in Shellharbour City Centre, located in the Illawarra. Our point of difference is our preparedness to examine our clients’ businesses, understand how they work, identify how they can be improved and to partner with them during the change and implementation process. The overriding focus of our firm is to assist our clients implement sound organisational infrastructure, robust financial management frameworks and ultimately to be more successful.

Most people accept that they need an accountant for taxation and keeping their books up to date. Accounting Professionals is more than just accountants. We believe in becoming an integral part of our clients business and personal strategies.

Our professional and highly trained staff are dedicated to providing specialised services to conquer any challenges in pursuit of financial independence. We help our clients proactively manage assets and liabilities, critically examine the way they do business, focus on key success factors and help effect change within the business to facilitate growth, increase profitability and improve cashflow.

Our firm has the ability & resources to provide ongoing services to businesses and business owners. We have been operating for 15 years and have built a reputation on the basis of a long term commitment to the success of our business clients.


Our goal is to ensure our clients perceive us as their primary business advisors and value us as their business partners and advisory consultants. The resources we use include highly educated and well-trained accountants and business consultants working with clients as part of their management team.

Professional development, training, exemplary standards of service and professional ethics ensure our firm’s expertise remains at the highest level.


Our firm continues to be actively involved in numerous local business & community groups, including: –

Through our experience in conducting various business improvement workshops and training sessions we have access to a vast array of specialist business service providers that are capable of complementing our services, including business law specialists and human resource service providers.

Client Testimonial

We have had a 6 year relationship with Garry Pinch and Angela Hales at Accounting Professionals. They have not only managed our business and self funded superannuation taxation obligations but have helped guide us through the transition into new business, investment and taxation managment issues. They have been extremely professional and helpful and pre-emptive in their work with us and our affairs. It has been reassuring for us knowing that they have a good handle on all our business and always sum up things in a ‘nut shell’ making what is complicated understandable. We highly recommend their services.

Alex & Susan Petersen


Tips for a productive office space

September 29, 2016

A well-designed office space is an effective yet inexpensive way to increase productivity levels and improve employee engagement.

Healthy office environments are centered around communication, interaction and flexibility between all staff. Here are a few ways to boost your office space to maximise productivity:

Workplace daylight, outdoor views and a view of the surrounding area can all make a difference in improving productivity. Office spaces with plenty of windows and naturally lit common areas have been shown to impact on employee’s mood and general health. Where possible, consider using LED systems rather than fluorescent lighting as it allows adjustment to light intensity and colour throughout the day.

Offices with high air quality can significantly improve employee’s cognitive function and reduce illness. Healthy offices generally have low levels of indoor pollutants and effective ventilation. When choosing an office space, check paints and materials, such as carpets, are well maintained and do not emit toxins. Consider incorporating plants into the office to help filter out toxins and improve humidity.

Employee comfort can be vastly improved with simple changes to furniture and equipment such as office chairs, desk height, dual-monitor set-ups, keyboard trays and mouse pads. Ergonomic office design can play a big role in improving employee’s overall health and productivity.

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